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Folikan Quebec

    Les productions Folikan Québec was founded in 2020 by Nathalie Bertrand.

    Generally a booking agency, Folikan can create, participate, hire or be hired for events or workshops (courses). The "Folikan" team of musicians adapts to customer requests and travels throughout Quebec (from Trois-Rivières to New Brunswick, stopping in Quebec City, not forgetting Montreal and from Gatineau to Vancouver).

    The values of the company are to help African artists and protect them from the injustices of the artistic milieu. Each artist individually has a particular and unique attention. Folikan Quebec assists them  to become autonomous with administrative support and help them understand the demands, organization and "extras" of each contract.

  A little interesting fact, "Folikan" is a word in Malinké (an official language of Africa) which means "Music"!

Nathali Folikan.jpg
Founder of Folikan Quebec

  With more than 25 years of experience in accounting and human resources, cultural music had always been part of his "weekend" hobbies.

  Aware of his percussion workshops, his travels in the African continent, festivals and shows, the cradle of African music pierced his heart and became more important in his life , than its digits and numbers. It was no longer just a "weekend hobby", but my new love.

  <With Les Productions Folikan Québec, I want to share this passion that drives me and help African artists to teach and spread their cultures rich in history all around the world.>

Nathalie Bertrand

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