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Proposed services

Curiosity is your only necessary ingredient, let us take care of the rest!

Workshops, events, performances, entertainment, neighborhood parties, dances, weddings, BBQ evenings, etc... Wherever your imagination takes you, we realize it.


For corporate events, benefit shows, birthdays, weddings or sports activities, just like a race, a marathon, a football halftime, African music is perfect for the occasion! So much fast and ambient with our djembes (tam-tam), balafons, songs and others. As much as it offers us a new, softer vision of culture, with the n'goni and the Fulani flute. Whatever your idea, we have plenty of options and tools to make it happen.

Street entertainment

To attract and captivate the attention of passers-by in the open air, nothing better than the sound of a djembe (tam-tam) with an acrobat doing his acrobatics! Having already done demonstrations, festivals and even street parades: block parties became more energized and fiery during the drum solo! In animation, the artists are not on stage with a sound system, they are at your side, walking between activities and walking through the crowd. African animation is the ideal animation to make your activity unforgettable.

African dance

For a change of music, African dance performances are also impressive and rich in culture. Each dance style has a story and they are not just acrobatics, but traditional dances. Dance workshops and or dance classes are also a great option if you are looking for activities for children (the workshop is adaptable to each age group and level). Adult workshops are also separated by level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. African dancing might be your next favorite sport.

Workshops for 2-5 years

Workshops for young children can be done in daycares, libraries, parks, etc. These mini-courses are provided with small instruments, singing and simplified music, in addition, parents can accompany their children throughout the workshop and learn with them the basics of music.

Workshops for 5-12 years old

Often carried out in schools, workshops for 5 to 12 year olds can be done with balafons, djembes and dancers/acrobats to teach them African traditions. If you want lessons, a single workshop or a workshop a little more focused on history our artists can do it with great pleasure! In a non-school environment parents can be present and in a school environment educators will also have the chance to participate!

Workshops for 12-17 years old

The workshops for young teenagers are more complete, depending on demand, the children will learn rhythm with percussion (doum-doum/djembe/other) or the coordination of two musical notes at the same time with the balafon. Songs will be learned and sung and with enough time a small performance at the same time of the group on what they learned. With in older children, we also do a greater explanation of the origin of the songs.

Workshops for adults

In a park in summer or in a room in winter, with your friends or work colleagues, it is possible to do workshops on demand with either instruments provided or with your instruments. We do workshops for all levels; beginner, intermediate or advanced. an African dance workshop is also possible, if you want to change from yoga or Zumba in the morning!

Workshops with adapted needs

You have a foundation, a group of people of all ages, some people at your school or sports team need special attention. The musicians know how to adapt and adapt their workshops, their songs and dance according to demand. As in the photo, there was a workshop at the foundation for the blind.

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